Room Reservation

When booking a room on the Glue Hotel website, 

You can book the "Free americano Coupon" at the Blue rain Lounge on B1F, 

the filming location for dramas and MVs, and the food and beverage packages below at a discounted price. 

Choose packages from options when booking a room and enjoy the glue hotel in a variety of ways💙

*Signature cocktails and alcoholic beverages are available at a discounted price for americano coupons.

Korean Traditional Liquor and Traditional Dessert Package
Petit Afternoon Tea Package
Signature Cocktails + Dessert
Dr. Petit Myeongdong's 35%
discount on procedures

* For package reservation, you must select an option to proceed with the reservation. 

* If there are no remaining rooms after the reservation, the reservation may be canceled, so please check the confirmation email.

   Reservation confirmation mail will be sent within 24 hours of booking.